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News Programming Available in the Archive

The Vanderbilt Television News Archive records national news programs and has developed the most extensive collection of US News in the world. The collection consis ts of both regularly scheduled news programs and live news coverage of major events.

Regular Evening News Programs

The collection of the Vanderbilt Television News Archive includes nightly news programs broadcast by the national television networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) since August 5, 1968, and a daily news program from CNN since 1995. We began recording from FoxNews in 2004. Archive staff write abstracts of each story within a regular news program, which are fully searchable in the TV-NewsSearch database. Regular news programs in the collection include:

Special Reports

The Archive's collection includes news coverage of significant events broadcast outside the scope of the regular evening news programs. This part of the collection focuses on the U.S. presidential politics, including political conventions, election coverage, and speeches and press conferences of the President currently in office. The Special Reports collection also includes coverage of major national and world events and major military conflicts involving the U.S. Abstracts are not availble for items within the collection of Specials. Archive staff create a single catalog record for each of these programs, searchable in TV-NewsSearch. These catalog records generally include a listing of the events and people mentioned in the program. Some of the major items in the collection of Special Reports include:

ABC Nightline

The collection includes ABC Nightline:

What is not in collection

We get many requests for items not in our collection. Some if the items frequently requested that we are not able to provide include: