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ABC Evening News for
Friday, Jan 02, 1987

Headline: Puerto Rico / Hotel Fire

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(Studio: Tom Jarriel) Report introduced.

(San Juan, PR: Mark Potter) Aftermath of Dupont Plaza Hotel fire here examined; details given, scenes shown. [Dr. Pio RECHANI - describes scene.] [Jean JOHNSON - describes father's injuries.] [Survivor Priscilla SPRUNG - praises relief personnel.] [Shep and Toni GOLDBERG - cite need to verify mother's death.]

(San Juan, PR: John Martin) Investigation into possibility arsonist(s) linked to hotel's labor dispute with local Teamsters union started fire discussed; scenes shown. [Survivor Freda FENNER - recalls warning about bombing at hotel.] Mercedes Jenouri, whose husband was killed in fire, said recalling warning they received about his death; details given. [JENOURI - blames union leader Jorges Farinacci for disaster.] Farinacci, suspected of being member of Puerto Rico terrorist organization responsible for 1983 Connecticut Wells Fargo robbery, said free on bail. [Teamsters local president Rene RODRIEGUEZ - defs. Farinacci; denies union's responsibility for fire.] [Hotel receptionist Gladys MERRERO - recalls hotel security guard locking casino players inside.]

(Studio: Tom Jarriel) [Governor Rafael HERNANDEZ COLON - discusses indications of arson, lack of fire safety systems in San Juan bldgs.]

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Program Time:05:30:00 pm - 05:36:40 pm. Duration: 06:40
Reporters:Jarriel, Tom; Martin, John; Potter, Mark
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:105463