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ABC Evening News for
Friday, Jun 05, 1970

Headline: Hijack / Prevention

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(Studio) Hijacker Arthur Barkley shoots Trans World Airlines, Inc. (TWA) pilot.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(Alexandria, Virginia) Barkley arrested last night.
REPORTER: Stephen Geer (narrates)

(Phoenix, Arizona) [Mrs. Sue BARKLEY - reports husband not violent.]
REPORTER: No reporter given

(DC) [TWA Pilot Billy WILLIAMS - says Barkley was going to destroy ransom and all passengers; wounded pilot hero.] [Wounded pilot's wife Doris HOPE says - husband hero.]
REPORTER: Stephen Geer

(Studio) 1st hijack August, 1961, to Cuba; no fool-proof prevention.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(NYC) Hijackers must be stopped on ground; psychological observation, metal detectors and x-ray devices in use; Federal Aviation Administration expanding methods.
REPORTER: Jules Bergman

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Program Time:00:16:20 am - 00:21:20 am. Duration: 05:00
Reporters:Bergman, Jules; Geer, Stephen; Reynolds, Frank
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:10989