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ABC Evening News for
Tuesday, Aug 22, 1989

Headline: Colombia / Drug Violence / Suspects / United States Role

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(Studio: Ted Koppel) Report introduced.

(Bogota, Colombia: Mark Potter) Issue of extradition of drug trafficking suspects from Colombia to United States in wake of crackdown in Colombia against drug cartels featured; case of suspect Eduardo Martinez cited; scenes shown. Key drug leaders Jorge Ochoa, Pablo Escobar and Jose Gonzalo Rodriguez Gacha said hiding out. [US ambassador Thomas McNAMARA - says United States is working with Colombians.] [Ex-Colombian ambassador Rodrigo LLOREDA - says US needs to end its drug consumption.]

(Studio: Ted Koppel) Attorney General Richard Thornburgh reported planning to reveal most wanted list of Colombian drug dealers. Report introduced.

(Kennebunkport, ME: Brit Hume) Reaction of President Bush to events in Colombia noted; deputy press secretary Alixe Glen quoted on issue of United States support to Colombia. [State Department spokesperson Richard BOUCHER - says United States is active.] [Representative Larry SMITH - says United States must help Colombia.]

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Program Time:05:30:00 pm - 05:34:20 pm. Duration: 04:20
Reporters:Hume, Brit; Koppel, Ted; Potter, Mark
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:123817