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ABC Evening News for
Wednesday, Oct 20, 1971

Headline: Northern Ireland Conflict / British Reaction

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(Studio) Senators Edward M. Kennedy and Abraham A. Ribicoff introduction resolution calling for withdrawal of British troops from North Ireland. Kennedy urges reunification of Ireland; British reaction to conflict reported on.
REPORTER: Howard K. Smith

(London, England) Situation close to civil war. British view conflict on TV. Film shown, with British narration. [Ind. television News Managing Director Nigel RYAN - says some British horrified and want quick solution; notes other reaction is people becoming immune to war's horrors and forgetting about it.] [Writer "New Statesman" magazine Paul JOHNSON - says for 1st time, British fighting white people.] Reporter George Watson comments on violence level people will tolerate.
REPORTER: George Watson

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Program Time:05:17:10 pm - 05:20:30 pm. Duration: 03:20
Reporters:Smith, Howard K.; Watson, George
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:12969