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ABC Evening News for
Wednesday, Jan 13, 1993

Headline: American Agenda (Crime: Sex Offenders)

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(Studio: Peter Jennings) Report introduced.

(Wyckoff, New Jersey: Rebecca Chase) Controversy in New Jersey over how to handle convicted rapist Donald Chapman, who has now served his sentence and returned to his neighborhood, featured; scenes shown. [Three RESIDENTS - comment.] Passage in Washington state of a sexual predators act allowing for the indefinite confinement of sex offenders noted. [Sex offender Vance CUNNINGHAM - says he is being warehoused.] [State psychiatric association Dr. James REARDON, prosecutor Norm MALENG, law professor John La FOND - offer views on what to do with released sex offenders.] The issue of balancing constitutional rights of criminals and community fears reiterated.

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Program Time:05:48:00 pm - 05:51:50 pm. Duration: 03:50
Reporters:Chase, Rebecca; Jennings, Peter
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:143894