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ABC Evening News for
Thursday, Apr 22, 1993

Headline: Sudan / Famine and War

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(Studio: Peter Jennings) Report introduced.

(Ayod, Sudan: Ron Allen) The famine disaster in southern Sudan that resulted from the nation's civil war between the Arab Moslem north and the Christian African south featured; scenes shown of starving children in inaccessible villages. [Irish Concern Margaret CLAPSON, Sudanese schoolteacher Gideon DOW, Sudanese aid worker Johnson GATWICH, Operation Lifeline Sudan Rob HADLEY, Irish Concern Anita ENNIS, rebel commander Riak MACAR, foreign affairs ministry ambassador Mahdi IBRAHIM, aid worker Lisa CAMPO, United States ambassador to Sudan Donald PETTERSON - comment on the conditions in Sudan.]

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Program Time:05:53:10 pm - 05:58:20 pm. Duration: 05:10
Reporters:Allen, Ron; Jennings, Peter
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:147250