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ABC Evening News for
Tuesday, Nov 22, 1994

Headline: American Agenda (Intelligence)

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(Studio: Peter Jennings) Report introduced.

(No location given: Beth Nissen) Human intelligence examined in light of the publication of "The Bell Curve: Intelligence and Class Structure in American Life", a book linking intelligence to genetics. [Neuroscientist Dr. Eric KANDEL, book's co-author Charles MURRAY, education researcher professor Howard GARDNER, Johns Hopkins University Dr. Benjamin CARSON - talk about intelligence.] Sample I.Q. questions from the Stanford Binet Intelligence Scales outlined. Issues of brains, race and education summed up.

(Studio: Peter Jennings) Report introduced.

(New York: Bill Blakemore) ABC News investigation of the obscure Pioneer Fund, which has promoted the study of racial purity since 1937, featured; the group's funding of several scientists (named) cited in "The Bell Curve" detailed. [Historian Berry MEHLER - says the Pioneer Fund has been the key source of funding for those claiming African Americans are less intelligent.] The background of eugenics groups behind the founding of the fund reviewed; photos and old film shown. [CUNY professor Michael LEVIN - defends the detention of blacks because of their race.] [Johns Hopkins University professor Robert GORDON - defends the fund.] Charges from scientists that the Pioneer Fund pays for studies that are not good science noted. [Harvard University geneticist professor Jonathan BECKWITH - comments.] Statement from the fund's president Harry Weyher about the organization's goal of "race betterment" quoted.

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Program Time:05:41:40 pm - 05:51:50 pm. Duration: 10:10
Reporters:Blakemore, Bill; Jennings, Peter; Nissen, Beth
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:151406