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ABC Evening News for
Thursday, Jan 04, 1996

Headline: American Agenda (Crime: Murder For Hire)

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(Studio: Peter Jennings) Report introduced.

(No location given: James Walker) ABC News investigation of middle class hit men presented with specific cases cited as examples; surveillance video with audio shown of a contract agreement in which Florida grandmother Lee Goldsmith hired a hit man to kill her daughter's husband. The conviction of teacher's aide Diane Barkhart for hiring a high school student to kill her estranged husband also cited. [Security analyst Louis MIZELL, criminologist James FOX, Houston prosecutor Dan RIZZO - offer perspectives on the phenomenon of middle class murder for hire.] The case in which David Lufken hired a hit man to murder the unborn twins of his girlfriend detailed.

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Program Time:05:50:10 pm - 05:54:30 pm. Duration: 04:20
Reporters:Jennings, Peter; Walker, James
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:162844