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ABC Evening News for
Wednesday, Mar 22, 1972

Headline: Marijuana

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(Studio) National Commission on Marijuana and Drug Abuse recommends liberalization of marijuana laws.
REPORTER: Howard K. Smith

[Commission Chairperson Raymond SHAFER - calls for decriminalization of marijuana use, permitting possession of 1 ounce for private use.]
REPORTER: Bill Downs

(Wichita Falls, Texas) [Don CROWE - Vietnam War veteran, sentenced to 50 years for selling 1 ounce marijuana, feels unfairly punished.] [Mother, Mrs. Lloyd CROWE - displays son's service medals, says penalty for marijuana is too severe.] [Judge Stanley KIRK - who presided at Crowe's trial, thinks marijuana laws should be changed.]
REPORTER: David Snell

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Program Time:05:06:00 pm - 05:09:40 pm. Duration: 03:40
Reporters:Downs, Bill; Smith, Howard K.; Snell, David
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:19853