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ABC Evening News for
Monday, May 29, 1972

Headline: Raleigh Shootings

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(Studio) Gunman opens fire in shopping center at Raleigh, North Carolina, where Senator Everett Jordan campaigning for reelection.
REPORTER: Harry Reasoner

(Raleigh, North Carolina) 4 persons deed, 8 injured in shooting spree at noon at North Hills Mall. Wes Hayden, press secretary to Senator Jordan in critical condition. Black man, 22 year old Harvey Glenn McLeod,opened fire with .22 caliber rifle. Jordan uninjured. After firing several shots, McLeod turned gun on self and committed suicide. Raleigh Police Chief Robert Goodwin says he does not believe shooting had anything to do with Jordan's appearance at mall.

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Program Time:05:08:50 pm - 05:10:10 pm. Duration: 01:20
Reporters:Reasoner, Harry
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:20792