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CBS Evening News for
Monday, Jan 22, 1973

Headline: Johnson Death

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(Studio) Former President L.B. Johnson dead at age 64 from heart attack. Prestige of LBJ a casualty of Vietnam war. Grew up poor in Texas. Went to Washington, DC as secretary for Texas Congress Kleberg. Married Claudia Taylor. Ran as New Deal candidate for Congress in 1937. Served in war. Won Silver Star. Went back to Congress, then won seat in Senate Had bad heart attack in 1955. Fortunes improved when wife inherited investments in Austin radio station. By 1960 LBJ most powerful man in Senate Had powerful ally in House Speaker Sam Rayburn. Accepted position of Vice President under President J.F. Kennedy. [LBJ - says felt Vice President position a disappointment.] After Kennedy's assassination November 22, 1963, Johnson became President [LBJ - says hopes tragedy will bind cntry. together.] Johnson took up Kennedy programs and started some of his own. [LBJ - says Americans have right to expect decent standard of living.] Johnson called for Great Society and got Medicare, a major civil rights bill, better housing and education. Won landslide victory in 1964. Got bill to relieve poverty in Appalachia. Passed 1965 voting rights bill. [LBJ - says cause of Negroes is everyone's cause. Cntry. must overcome legacy of racism.] Then President forced to turn to foreign affairs. [LBJ - US objective is independence South Vietnam.] 1968 Tet offensive turned United States against Vietnam war. [LBJ - says United States wanted out of war when going got bad, much to delight of Ho Chi Minh. Only when going got hard do people object to war.] In March, 1968, Johnson announced he would not run again for President [LBJ - says won't run for President again.] In 1969 Johnson retired to ranch in Texas.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite (narrates)

(Studio) CBS will present program on LBJ 10 p.m. EST tonight.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

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Reporters:Cronkite, Walter
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