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CBS Evening News for
Friday, Mar 16, 1973

Headline: Vietnam / Prisoners of War Release

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(Studio) 32 American POW's released by Viet Cong in North Vietnam.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

(Clark AFB, Philippines) [Colonel Theodore GUY - says is sure bombing North Vietnam hastened end to war.] Major Floyd Thompson, longest held POW, among those released. Sp. Michael Branch, sergeant John Young, Major Floyd Kushner and other POW's antiwar and may be court-martialed. sergeant Ronald Ridgeway, long believed killed in action, among returning POW's.
REPORTER: Don Webster

(Studio) Tapes exist of anti-American statements made by some POW's.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

(Valley Forge, Pennsylvania) Antiwar statements by Kushner and Young from Radio Hanoi played. [Defense Secretary Elliot RICHARDSON - says no decision made on what to do about antiwar POW's.]

(Studio) Former prisoners of war Captain Lynn Guenther says his antiwar statements result of bewilderment and confusion.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

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Program Time:05:30:20 pm - 05:35:30 pm. Duration: 05:10
Reporters:Cronkite, Walter; Dow, David; Webster, Don
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:227657