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CBS Evening News for
Thursday, May 24, 1973

Headline: English Sex Scandal

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(Studio) Second major British government ofr. resigns because of sex scandal said to be worst since Profumo affair.
REPORTER: Roger Mudd

(London, England) Leader House Lords, Lord Jellicoe, resigns after admitting affairs with call girls. Lord Lambton resigned Tuesday after admitting to similar acts. Prime Minister Edward Heath assures people nobody else in government involved in scandal and no security information leaked as was feared in Profumo affair with model Christine Keeler. British public feels is little comparison between Watergate and England's sex scandal.
REPORTER: Bill Plante

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Program Time:05:54:30 pm - 05:57:00 pm. Duration: 02:30
Reporters:Mudd, Roger; Plante, Bill
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:228689