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CBS Evening News for
Tuesday, Jun 12, 1973

Headline: Chenoweth / Ranger Sabotage

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(Studio) USS Ranger didn't sail to Vietnam in 1970. Sailor charged with sabotage and sent to trial.
REPORTER: Roger Mudd

(San Francisco, California) Fireman Patrick Chenoweth charged with dropping paint scraper in ship's generator, delaying sail 4 mos. Today found innocent. [CHENOWETH - says bitter about matter. Had no evidence to put him in jail.] Chenoweth to be dismissed from Navy.
REPORTER: Richard Threlkeld

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Program Time:05:50:50 pm - 05:52:30 pm. Duration: 01:40
Reporters:Mudd, Roger; Threlkeld, Richard
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:228975