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CBS Evening News for
Wednesday, Dec 11, 1974

Headline: Busing Violence / Boston / Background

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(Studio) Stabbing occurs at South Boston HS.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

(Boston, Massachusetts) White parents gather outside high school after stabbing reported Michael Faith, 17, white student, stabbed in stomach by black youth. Crowd keeps black students from leaving. [Cnclwoman. Louise Day HICKS - asks crowd to allow black students to go back to Roxbury.] Crowd says no. Fighting breaks out. Students get away with use of decoy business [Mrs. Lorraine FAITH - says my children will never go back to that school.] 11 injured.
REPORTER: Chris Kelley (WNAC-TV)

(Studio) Report on background issues with regard to Boston and busing.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

(Boston, Massachusetts) Area called "Southie" separated from rest of city. It's Irish, Catholic, blue collar and tough. South Boston high school symbol of resistance to change. September 12, 1974, film shown of 1st day school. [MAN - hopes its another Belfast. Why should niggers come over here and wreck city?] Signs painted around neighborhood. [Black WOMAN - says we don't teach our kids to hate anybody. Want them to get decent education. We're not humans to east and south Boston; we're niggers.] [Father John COFFEY - believes basic feelings are pride of home and welfare of neighborhood.] Antibusing protests carefully planned. Black students gather at ctrs.; afraid to go to white schools. Get food and recreation; no education Serious trouble at Hyde Park High School. National Guard put on alert. [Mayor Kevin WHITE - says 90% city goes on normally. Rest could spread contagion to 90%.] [Black STUDENT - tells of getting hit with flying brick.] [White STUDENT - says why should I go to Roxbury when school right up street? Why should I go unprotected?] [2nd black STUDENT - says white kids don't like us or want us there. We don't want them here.] Children caught in middle. Issue supposed to be quality education.
REPORTER: Chris Kelley

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Program Time:05:39:30 pm - 05:45:30 pm. Duration: 06:00
Reporters:Cronkite, Walter; Kelley, Chris
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Record Number:232332