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CBS Evening News for
Thursday, Sep 25, 1975

Headline: Moore / Life / Fernwood / Sipple

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(Studio) Sara Jane Moore tells "Los Angeles Times" she's glad President Ford didn't die. She calls assassination try ultimate protest against system. Says comes a point when only way to make statement is by picking up gun. She calls president security stupid. Born Sara Jane Kahn in Charleston, West Virginia. She lived near Charles Manson as child.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

(Charleston, West Virginia) Her high school photograph &house shown. Owner of store doubts Manson and Moore knew each other as children. [Mkt. owner Van WATSON - wouldn't think either 1 had violent bone in their bodies.] Moore active in school plays and clubs but had little social life. Played violin. [Classmate Pat HENDRICKS - did know she was unhappy person.] Married 4 times and had 5 children.
REPORTER: Connie Chung

(Cincinnati, Ohio) [Mother Ruth KAHN - can't say Moore is my daughter until there's definite proof.] Moore's son, Sydney, with her mother.
REPORTER: Connie Chung

(Charleston, West Virginia) Moore's friends and family didn't know where she was for 10 years
REPORTER: Connie Chung

(Studio) Associated Press says Moore's tips to federal firearms agents Sunday concerned gun collector, Mark Fernwood. Moore bought 2nd gun from him on Monday and used it to fire at Ford. Ex-Marine who deflected Moore's shot at president, Oliver Sipple, well-known in gay activist circles. Press Secretary Nessen asked if that's why President hasn't thanked him. Says President intended to thank all concerned.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

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Program Time:05:43:50 pm - 05:47:20 pm. Duration: 03:30
Reporters:Chung, Connie; Cronkite, Walter
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Record Number:242105