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CBS Evening News for
Friday, Feb 06, 1976

Headline: New Hampshire Primary

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(Studio) Ronald Reagan celebrates 65th birthday; winds up New Hampshire campaigning. President Ford campaigns there Saturday
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

(New Hampshire) History of primary cited. In 1952, Estes Kefauver heat President Harry S. Truman in New Hampshire Democratic primary. In 1964, Harry Goldwater and Nelson Rockefeller campaigned hard. Henry Cabot Lodge, who never campaigned there, won. In 1968, Eugene McCarthy's near-victory stunned Lyndon B. Johnson. In 1972, George McGovern's 27% made Edmund Muskie look like loser and he never recovered. New Hampshire is small but thriving. It's only state left with no state income tax or sales tax. State is 99.4% white. New Hampshire is 36% Catholic; United States is 23% Catholic. 33.5% are independents in New Hampshire; 35% in US independent. 39% Republicans in New Hampshire and 21% Republicans in US. 27.5% Democrats in New Hampshire; 44% Democrats in US. Only 200,000 voted in 1972 primary. New Hampshire is 1st election test of election year, which makes race seem important.
REPORTER: David Culhane

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Program Time:05:46:20 pm - 05:49:50 pm. Duration: 03:30
Reporters:Cronkite, Walter; Culhane, David
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:244690