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CBS Evening News for
Sunday, Jun 20, 1976

Headline: American Evacuation / Lebanon

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(Studio) American naval landing craft evacuates group of Americans, British and other fors. from Beirut. Palestinian guerrillas protect them.
REPORTER: Bob Schieffer

(Beirut, Lebanon) United States transport ship picks up Americans; evacuation goes smoothly. Today's events seen by many Lebanese as sign that things to take turn for worst. Pictures of evacuation shown.

(Studio) Lebanon situation toughest for President Ford since Mayaguez incident 13 mos. ago.
REPORTER: Bob Schieffer

(White House) President gives go-ahead for naval aid in evacuation following reports of dangers to road convoy. White House photos shown. President rests after decision then attends church and plays golf. [President FORD - says evacuation well planned and well executed.] Some aides afraid President to be accused of using Lebanon situation politically.
REPORTER: Phil Jones

(DC) Pentagon calls action "Operation Fluid Drive." Defense Secretary Don. Rumsfeld present as evacuation gets underway. Time schedule for evacuation operation outlined. Film from Department of Defense shown.
REPORTER: Ike Pappas

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Program Time:05:10:10 pm - 05:15:40 pm. Duration: 05:30
Reporters:Jones, Phil; Lee, Mike; Pappas, Ike; Schieffer, Bob
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:246515