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CBS Evening News for
Monday, Oct 03, 1977

Headline: Supreme Court / Homosexuality Case / Nixon Tapes / Other Cases To Come

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(Studio) Supreme Court opens fall term; among cases it won't review, thus leaving lower court order in effect, is that of teacher fired for being homosexual.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

(DC) Court has in recent years decided cases in favor of individuals denied benefits because of race, religion, nationality or sex, and homosexuals had sought to become part of this civil rights trend. Effort came thru case of Tacoma, WA, high school teacher who admitted he is gay and was fired. Court declines to rule in case, meaning that laws and ordinances must make it civil right to be gay. Court announces it will decide in cases with regard to women's pension payments and legality of judges' orders to sterilize mentally retarded girls, with parents' permission. Court rules that some of Richard Nixon's tapes can be used by attys. of arrested protesters in May Day, 1971, antiwar demonstration. (Film of demonstration shown.)
REPORTER: Fred Graham Artist: John D. Hart

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Program Time:05:45:00 pm - 05:46:50 pm. Duration: 01:50
Reporters:Cronkite, Walter; Graham, Fred
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:249215