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CBS Evening News for
Thursday, Jul 14, 1977

Headline: Counterspy Story

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(Studio) Nicholas Shadrin defected to United States from USSR 18 years ago under alias. Shortly after was given United States citizenship, but has been missing for 18 mos., and wife and attorney charge USSR with involvement.
REPORTER: Roger Mudd

(DC) Shadrin home is in suburban Virginia; details of Shadrin's and wife's backgrounds noted. Attorney Richard Copaken says Shadrin became double agent; he disappeared in Vienna in 1975 en route to meeting with KGB agents. Mrs. Shadrin believes he's in prison in USSR and wants White House help. [Blanka SHADRIN - wants to appeal to Carter on grounds of human rights for US citizen.] [COPAKEN - says State Department told him there was little chance of getting Shadrin back and that, given problems with Strategic Arms Limitation Talks (SALT) II and human rights, they're not ready to endanger relations on slim chance of getting Shadrin's return.] State Department will only say it's attempting to establish Shadrin's location and get him back to US, if he's alive.
REPORTER: Bernard Kalb

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Program Time:05:51:20 pm - 05:53:40 pm. Duration: 02:20
Reporters:Kalb, Bernard; Mudd, Roger
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:253153