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CBS Evening News for
Tuesday, Nov 14, 1978

Headline: Powerline 18

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(Studio) Minnesota case attracting attention in USSR reported.
REPORTER: Roger Mudd

(Buffalo, Minnesota) Arrest of 18 protesters in central Minnesota for trespassing in transmission plant two weeks ago recalled; film shown. International attention of trial of "Powerline 18" due to singer Dean Reed's participation in protest; popularity of Reed in E. Europe, where he lives, noted. Presence of E. German news team and Tass reporter at trial stated. Telegrams to President Carter sent by entertainers in Communist cntrys. requesting chgs. be dropped mentioned. Reed's testimony with regard to being political prisoners and civil disobedience detailed. Not-guilty verdict noted. Film shown. [REED - expresses beliefs with regard to consequences of verdict.] Protester's statement that verdict allows them to protest on property of nuclear and electric power plants given. United Power Association of Minnesota response to verdict given.
REPORTER: Mike Walcher (WCCO-TV, Minneapolis-Saint Paul, Minnesota) Artist: John Thomas

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Program Time:05:32:00 pm - 05:33:50 pm. Duration: 01:50
Reporters:Mudd, Roger
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:255476