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CBS Evening News for
Wednesday, Nov 29, 1978

Headline: Hawaii / Marijuana Growing

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(Studio) Dreamlife associated with Hawaii described. Report is on darker side to that dream.
REPORTER: Walter Cronkite

(Puna, Hawaii) Report concerns marijuana crops grown in Hawaii jungles; is noted they are trees here, not plants. Lawmen's estimate that cash value of crop on some island now rivals sugar cane reported Local hit song, concerning marijuana, mentioned. [MAN - sings song.] Interview of growers of medium crops stated; interviews shown with voices distorted. [GROWER - states amt. to be made in good year; thinks Hawaii economy wouldn't be where it is if not for marijuana growing.] Org. crime movement in marijuana growing on island of Hawaii reported [Island police chief Guy PAUL - describes evidence of syndicate connection with marijuana traffic.] [GROWER - says it's awful when someone comes to door in middle of night to get what he's worked hard for.] [2nd GROWER - thinks much of what people steal goes to organized crime.] Efforts of state and local police, with aid from federal government, to hunt out and destroy crops described; difficulties cited. [Hawaii police department sergeant Robert MAKUAKANE - estimates street value in Honolulu of marijuana buds he holds.] [Hawaii police department sergeant Wendell PAIVA - estimates worth of crop just discovered.] Authorities' estimates that they have found only 10% of crop noted. Hawaiians' attitude toward marijuana growing and growers' reasons for working in United States rather than Mexico or Colombia stated.
REPORTER: Terry Drinkwater

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Program Time:05:46:40 pm - 05:51:40 pm. Duration: 05:00
Reporters:Cronkite, Walter; Drinkwater, Terry
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:255696