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CBS Evening News for
Sunday, Apr 02, 1978

Headline: Carter / For. Trip / Nigeria

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(Studio) President Carter's announcement in Nigeria that he'll join Britain in hosting conference on Rhodesia noted.
REPORTER: Morton Dean

(Lagos, Nigeria) President Carter's review of new Nigerian port facility on Tin Can Island described; is compared to Field Marshal Bernard Law Montgomery reviewing troops from back of Land Rover. Carter's look at American ship in port mentioned. [Delta Paraquay's Captain Frank VERNER - thinks it's greatest thing that's ever happened to American merchant vessel. Describes shipment and ship.] Day's beginning with trip to local Baptist church, where General Obasanjo read scripture and Carter gave prayer, noted. [CARTER - prays.] Talks between 2 leaders detailed, include discussions of conference on major rule in Rhodesia and on economy [CARTER - talks of dollar values, United States economy and need for Congress to act on energy plan.] Obasanjo's reminder to Carter that black Africa pushes for stricter economy sanctions against John Vorster's white government in South Africa noted.
REPORTER: Bob Schieffer

(Studio) Report on visit by Mrs. Carter and Amy to tribal village.
REPORTER: Morton Dean

(Badagri, Nigeria) Details given with regard to visit to Badagri by Rosalynn and Amy Carter. Town noted as former slave trading center that became cntry.'s 1st Christian settlement.
REPORTER: Lee Thornton

(Studio) Upcoming stop for Carters in Liberia and then return to Washington, DC reported.
REPORTER: Morton Dean

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Program Time:05:00:10 pm - 05:05:40 pm. Duration: 05:30
Reporters:Dean, Morton; Schieffer, Bob; Thornton, Lee
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:257436