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CBS Evening News for
Monday, Aug 14, 1978

Headline: Chemical Waste Landfill Lawsuit

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(Studio) Report on latest example of public's refusal to accept. industry decisions affecting environmental
REPORTER: Roger Mudd

(Wilsonville, Illinois) Court fight waged by residents of Wilsonville, Illinois, against chemical waste landfill corp., Earthline, detailed. Burial of ind. waste at Wilsonville site, include disposal of PCB, noted. Judge John Russell's decision and orders to Earthline stated. [Human Rights Survival Groups spokesperson Gwen MOLINAR - says this proves town can exist even if it is small.] Earthline's plans to appeal reported [Earthline attorney Stuart DOBBS - isn't surprised that local judge would make this decision.] State's backing of community, include suit against Earthline filed by state attorney general William Scott, cited. [SCOTT - comments on situation.] Support for landfill by Environmental Protection Agency on both state and federal levels reported [MAN - says wastes must be disposed of in best way now known.]
REPORTER: Jackie Casselberry

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Program Time:05:49:30 pm - 05:52:10 pm. Duration: 02:40
Reporters:Casselberry, Jackie; Mudd, Roger
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:259149