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CBS Evening News for
Wednesday, May 07, 1980

Headline: Agent Orange

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(Studio) Vets. reported filing lawsuit aimed at halting Veterans Administration study of Agent Orange's effect on Vietnam vets; details given. Academy of Sciences said recommending major changes in Agent Orange study by Air Force; details given.
REPORTER: Bob Schieffer

(DC) Vietnam vets.' belief that Agent Orange is linked to their health problems examined; case of recently deceased Charles Poole cited as example Health problems of vets. and their offspring outlined; films shown. [Charlie HARTZ - notes his cancer.] Hartz, plaintiff in class action suit, noted taping his testimony due to possibility of his death prior to trial; his background as chemical specialist with Army outlined. Photos shown. [HARTZ - comments.] 5 mfrs. named by Hartz and others in suit listed on screen. [Vets.' attorney Victor YANNACONE - comments on experiments on United States soldiers conducted by chemical company] Dow Chemical's response to suit quoted on screen; Veterans Administration noted holding essentially same position, details given. EPA's banning of Agent Orange due to increase in miscarriages in Oregon community following its use noted. [Senator John HEINZ - comments.] Veterans Administration reported not honoring damage claims filed by vets. using Agent Orange as basis; details given. [Veterans Administration administration Max CLELAND - comments.] [HARTZ - comments.] Govt. said just now beginning to investigate possibility that United States poisoned its own army in Vietnam.
REPORTER: Steve Croft (WCAU-TV newsfilm)

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Program Time:05:46:20 pm - 05:51:30 pm. Duration: 05:10
Reporters:Schieffer, Bob
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Record Number:270939