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CBS Evening News for
Monday, Aug 18, 1980

Headline: National Enquirer Lawsuits

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(Studio) Report introduced.; Thomas Jefferson mentioned, United States Constitution quoted.
REPORTER: Charles Kuralt

(Hollywood, California) [Marty ENGLES - comments on "National Enquirer" article.] Article "Enquirer" printed about Engles and his wife Shirley Jones outlined, shown. [JONES - comments.] Couple noted now suing the publication; details given. Mag.'s defense of its articles cited. [Senior editor Haydon CAMERON - comments.] No. of libel suits pending against "Enquirer" reported include suits by Ed McMahon, Carol Burnett, Paul Lynde, Rory Calhoun; details given, Henry Kissinger mentioned. [BURNETT, CALHOUN - comment.] [CAMERON - comments.] Efforts by the magazine to delay ea. libel suit noted. [ENGLES - comments.] [Tracy CABOT - notes revenge factor in Hollywood.] Cabot's former job with "Enquirer" noted. [CABOT - says the magazine feeds fantasy rather than reality.] 1950's suits against "Confidential" magazine recalled; time factor in Burnett's suit against "National Enquirer" noted.
REPORTER: Gary Shepard

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Program Time:05:52:00 pm - 05:57:30 pm. Duration: 05:30
Reporters:Kuralt, Charles; Shepard, Gary
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:272312