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ABC Evening News for
Monday, Aug 20, 1973

Headline: New Orleans / Nixon Visit

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(Studio) As Nixon prepares to leave for New Orleans, Louisiana, Secret Service agents uncover possible plot to assassinate President Trip to New Orleans conts.; some changes made.
REPORTER: Howard K. Smith

(New Orleans, Louisiana) Motorcade route through New Orleans changed. Local police work with Secret Service agents in possible assassination case. Search begins for former policeman Edwin Gaudet Junior [Supt. New Orleans police department Clarence GIARRUSSO - says different motorcade route chosen for President' safety. Gaudet allegedly threatened President' life during past wk.] [Secret Service spokesperson Peter VIAL - finds witness to Gaudet's threats.] Nixon's visit uneventful.
REPORTER: David Snell

(New Orleans, Louisiana) President seems angered before spking. engagement to VFW. [NIXON - admits ordering secret bombing in Cambodia in 1969.] President vehemently denounces Congress for stopping United States bombing support in Cambodia.
REPORTER: Tom Jarriel

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Program Time:05:00:50 pm - 05:05:50 pm. Duration: 05:00
Reporters:Jarriel, Tom; Smith, Howard K.; Snell, David
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:27321