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CBS Evening News for
Wednesday, May 12, 1982

Headline: Massachusetts / Church Fire

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(Studio) Fire in Fall River, Massachusetts, started at Notre Dame de Lourdes Church restoration site, reported.
REPORTER: Dan Rather

(Fall River, Massachusetts) Fire scenes shown. [Parishioner Colette TURCOTTE - describes loss.] Nearby homes and businesses reported also destroyed. Masses mourning loss shown held in nearby chapel. [Assistant Pastor Fr. Normand GRENIER - speaks words of comfort.] Art treasures lost in fire shown, described. [Church Sexton Roland MASSE - tells of pictures having been posed by parishioners.] [Pastor Fr. Ernest BLAIS - says church won't be the same.] [Parishioner Paul YOKEL - recalls his connection with the church.] Skeleton of church said declared unsafe; destruction anticipated.
REPORTER: Chris Kelley (WLNE tape)

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Program Time:05:43:20 pm - 05:45:40 pm. Duration: 02:20
Reporters:Kelley, Chris; Rather, Dan
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:283667