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CBS Evening News for
Monday, Oct 24, 1983

Headline: Lebanon / Bombing

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(Studio) Death toll so far among Marines in yesterday's Beirut bombing reported; Korean War recalled. Death toll said highest 1-day figure since Vietnam war casualties on February 23, 1969.
REPORTER: Dan Rather

(Beirut, Lebanon) Details of suicide bombing of Marine headquarters here examined; films shown. Question of explosive-laden truck penetrating Marine's defense perimeter discussed; details illustrated on screen. [Lebanese army Colonel Hishan JABER - claims to have warned Marines on several occasions of possibility of just such attack.] [Marine Colonel Timothy GERAGHTY - feels Marines took all reasonable precautions against terrorist assaults.] Confusion over purpose of Marines' presence here considered. [MARINE - wants relatives in United States to know he's alive and loves them.] Pvt. Robert Calhoun's miraculous escape noted. [CALHOUN - doesn't regret being here, only that bombing occurred.] President Francois Mitterrand noted meeting with French survivors regarding their casualties in similar terrorist bombing; details given. Increased security around Marines mentioned.
REPORTER: Tom Fenton

(Studio) Current injury toll among Marines discussed; evacuation of wounded to West Germany, Italy and Cyprus noted, shown. Marine replacements, en route to Beirut, shown at West German stopover; details given.
REPORTER: Dan Rather

(NYC) Ordeal of Marine families, both in learning of loved one's death or trying to determine his fate, examined; Jean Giblin's concern over fate of sons Timmy and Donny noted. [Iris SUMMERS - notes continued lack of contact by Marine officials must be seen as good news.] [Guillermo SAN PEDRO - notes slain son was proud to be Marine; feels he died for country.] Antonio RELVAS - feels brother's death is crazy.] [Eloise HEINZ - notes son is wounded.] [Dorothy CALHOUN - describes family's reaction to learning son Robert Calhoun was safe.] Ordeal of Giblin family as they wait for word of Timmy and Donny Giblin's status shown; poem quoted.
REPORTER: Bruce Morton

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Program Time:05:30:30 pm - 05:38:00 pm. Duration: 07:30
Reporters:Fenton, Tom; Morton, Bruce; Rather, Dan
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:287121