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CBS Evening News for
Monday, Feb 29, 1988

Headline: Texas / Love Train

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(Studio: Dan Rather) Report introduced.

(Texas: Charles Kuralt) Amtrak Eagle shown leaving Fort Worth, Texas, for Texarkana. Conductor Zeb Love featured; details given, scenes shown. [LOVE - greets passengers.] Love noted making passengers smile. [LOVE - takes reporter's ticket.] Love shown instructing passengers to wave to elderly woman named "Pinky" who waits for train to pass house Love noted stopping in Atlanta, Texas, to give present to disabled boy named Jason Patterson. [PATTERSON - says he loves Love.] [LOVE - says has time for everyone.] [LOVE - announces next town and tells woman not to be frightened of train.]

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Program Time:05:52:10 pm - 05:56:30 pm. Duration: 04:20
Reporters:Kuralt, Charles; Rather, Dan
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:320028