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CBS Evening News for
Monday, Apr 10, 1989

Headline: Science: Nuclear Fusion

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(Studio: Dan Rather) Report introduced.

(Los Angeles, California: Jerry Bowen) Researchers in Georgia and Texas reported reaching conclusions similar to Utah scientists who claimed to have made breakthroughs in understanding nuclear fusion; details given, scenes shown. [Georgia Tech prof. James MAHAFFEY - comments.] [Texas A&M Univ. professor Charles MARTIN - says he achieved excess energy.] Nuclear fusion compared to nuclear fission. [UT researcher Stanley PONS - comments.] [University of California professor H.W. LEWIS, Fusion Power Assocs. spokesperson Stephen DEAN - express skepticism re: experiments.] Fusion confusion noted continuing.

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Program Time:05:39:50 pm - 05:42:20 pm. Duration: 02:30
Reporters:Bowen, Jerry; Rather, Dan
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:326384