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CBS Evening News for
Monday, Dec 02, 1991

Headline: Lebanon / Hostages / Cicippio

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(Studio: Dan Rather) Report introduced.

(Wiesbaden, Germany: Peter Van Sant) Freed Lebanon hostage Joseph Cicippio's return to the West featured; scenes shown of Cicippio arriving in Frankfurt, Germany, reuniting with his wife and arriving at US Air Force hospital in Wiesbaden, Germany. [In Damascus, Syria, CICIPPIO - says he's glad it's over, comments on release of remaining hostages.] Doctors' concern over Cicippio's health noted; photos shown of two remaining United States hostages, Alann Steen and Terry Anderson who are likely to be released soon. Israeli release of Arab prisoners and United States return of millions of dollars seized from Iran said part of the hostage negotiations.

(Norristown, Pennsylvania: Jacqueline Adams) Reaction of Cicippio's family to his release featured. [Sister Helen FAZIO - talks about her battle with cancer, her brother's captivity.] [Son David CICIPPIO, brother Thomas CICIPPIO - comment on Cicippio's appearance.]

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Program Time:05:30:00 pm - 05:34:10 pm. Duration: 04:10
Reporters:Adams, Jacqueline; Rather, Dan; Van Sant, Peter
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:336504