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CBS Evening News for
Sunday, Apr 26, 1992

Headline: California / Earthquake / Scotia, Ferndale

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(Studio: Connie Chung) Report introduced.

(Scotia, California: Bill Lagattuta) Aftershocks to the earthquakes in northern California featured; scenes shown of shopping center ablaze in Scotia, California, and damages to homes in Ferndale, California. [Three PEOPLE - comment.] [Humboldt State University geologist Lori DENGLER, Petrolia, California, residents Alan GILLESPIE, WOMAN - comment.]

(Studio: Connie Chung) Report introduced.

(Ferndale, California: John Blackstone) Impact of the earthquake on the old Western town of Ferndale featured; videotape shown of row of houses before and after the quake. [Police chief Wayne SEDAM, residents Donna SETTERLUND, Amy EASTMAN, Trudy WILLIAMS, Meghan WEST, Charlie VOGEL - comment.] [In outdoor church service, Church of Our Savior Reverend Gilbert SANTIAGO - preaches.]

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Program Time:05:00:20 pm - 05:04:50 pm. Duration: 04:30
Reporters:Blackstone, John; Chung, Connie; Lagattuta, Bill
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:344006