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CBS Evening News for
Monday, Jul 13, 1992

Headline: Campaign '92 / Presidential Victory Committee / Clinton

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(Madison Square Garden: Dan Rather) Report introduced.

(Washington: Eric Engberg) Presidential Victory Committee dirty tricks operation in support of President Bush's campaign featured; details given of anonymous letter alleging that pregnant Susann Coleman committed suicide 15 years ago after a love affair with Governor Bill Clinton, who was then her law professor; Coleman's family quoted on the matter; excerpt shown of Bush campaign ads by Presidential Victory Committee head Floyd Brown. [Coleman family FRIEND - talks about people peering in her window and being questioned.] Scenes shown of investigators Dave Bossie and Jim Murphy, who are paid by the committee. [In shadow, Coleman's HUSBAND, Coleman's SISTER - explain how the two investigators questioned them.] Excerpt played (transcription on screen) of telephone conversation between Brown and Coleman's sister. [BROWN - defends his actions.]

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Program Time:05:30:40 pm - 05:36:20 pm. Duration: 05:40
Reporters:Engberg, Eric; Rather, Dan
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:345331