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CBS Evening News for
Friday, Sep 09, 1994

Headline: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania / USAir Flight 427 Crash

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(Hopewell Township: Dan Rather) Report introduced.

(Hopewell Township, Pennsylvania: Bob Orr) Crash of USAir Flight 427 outside Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, featured; aerial scenes shown of the crash site; known circumstances outlined. [Two WITNESSES - comment on the crash.] Animation of the plane's last seconds in the air shown. [Secretary of Transportation Federico PENA, air safety expert John NANCE - comment.]

(Hopewell Township: Dan Rather) Interview held with one of the first witnesses at the crash site. [Beaver County sheriff Frank POLICARO - comments on the human body parts he saw strewn over the area.]

(Hopewell Township, Pennsylvania: Jacqueline Adams) The efforts put forth by rescue workers and the trauma of dealing with the wreckage reported. [Witness Denise GODISH - talks about body parts hanging from the trees.] [Paramedic Lucy KLINKO, Beaver County coroner Wayne TATALOVICH, neighbor Joan LABBE, WITNESS - comment on the loss of the passengers.] [Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh Bishop Alden HATHAWAY - says there is nobody here to save.]

(Hopewell Township: Dan Rather) Report introduced.

(Washington's National Airport: Jim Stewart) The economy and history of safety for USAir examined; airline safety report card for US airlines outlined. [International Airline Passengers Association David STEMPLER - comments.] The cause for other USAir accidents during the last five years outlined. [Aviation attorney Arthur WOLK - comments.]

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Program Time:05:30:10 pm - 05:39:40 pm. Duration: 09:30
Reporters:Adams, Jacqueline; Orr, Bob; Rather, Dan; Stewart, Jim
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:359299