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CBS Evening News for
Thursday, Mar 26, 1998

Headline: Jonesboro, Arkansas / School Shooting / Slain Teacher

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(Studio: Dan Rather) The aftermath of the school shooting in Jonesboro, Arkansas, introduced.

(Jonesboro, Arkansas: Bob McNamara) The Westside Middle School the second day after the Jonesboro shootings featured; scenes shown from around the school. [Absent student Erica SWINDLE, principal Karen CURTNER - talk about today.] 911 calls from yesterday's shooting played. [Andrew Golden's grandfather Douglas GOLDEN - comments.] [Arkansas state police Bill SADLER - says there is no third suspect.] The outcry over the Arkansas law that would release Golden and Mitchell Johnson on their 18th birthdays noted. [Craighead County Sheriff Dale HAAS - recounts the boys' requests.] [Victims rights advocate Scott POLAND - comments on the community.]

(Studio: Dan Rather) Report introduced.

(Jonesboro, Arkansas: Cynthia Bowers) Shannon Wright, the teacher killed in Tuesday's shooting while protecting her students, profiled; home video shown of the young Shannon. [Wright's mother Jeannie WILLIAMS, student Emma Pittman's grandmother Bonnie PITTMAN, Wright's father Carl WILLIAMS - praise Shannon.]

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Program Time:05:30:40 pm - 05:35:40 pm. Duration: 05:00
Reporters:Bowers, Cynthia; McNamara, Bob; Rather, Dan
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:380653