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ABC Evening News for
Friday, Feb 07, 1969

Headline: California Rain / Mud Slides

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(Studio) Los Angeles, California had 14 days of rain out of 25, causing mud slides in Glendora, California. Some homes evacuated; no one talks of moving.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(Los Angeles, California) Cliff-dwellers around Los Angeles know stakes are high. Fire and water threaten lives and possessions. Film of Bel Air fire, 1961, shown. After fires, no plant life to soak up water; causes mud slides. John Holdridge family house destroyed by rocks and mud. No insurance for mud slides. [HOLDRIDGE - reports he put $25,000 into house in 8 years Bank expects immediate payment when house no longer exists.] New house market booms. [HOLDRIDGE - asserts individual's right to live where they want to, despite danger.]
REPORTER: John Davenport

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Program Time:00:02:10 am - 00:07:20 am. Duration: 05:10
Reporters:Davenport, John; Reynolds, Frank
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:4123