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ABC Evening News for
Saturday, Apr 24, 1976

Headline: Closeup (Franconia College)

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(Franconia, New Hampshire) [President Franconia College Ira GOLDENBERG - speaks of students and faculty gaining responsibility.] George Wheeler, who heads econ. department, took $8000 pay cut to teach here and 10% cut in 1975 to keep college alive. Wheeler and students sell maple syrup made in class to raise money for college. 250 enrolled here. [STUDENT - describes wide range of experiences at college.] [2nd STUDENT - cites diversified activities for students and administration] There are no grades here and everybody exchanges jobs. Aim is for students to get job they like and can make money doing. Real critic of college will prove to be the job market
REPORTER: Phil Bergman

(Studio) Address for Closeup noted.
REPORTER: Steve Bell

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Program Time:05:45:40 pm - 05:48:30 pm. Duration: 02:50
Reporters:Bell, Steve; Bergman, Phil
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Program Headeryes
Program Length9:10 (Entire broadcast)
Video Begin05:45:40 pm
Record Number:42985