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ABC Evening News for
Wednesday, Mar 19, 1969

Headline: Vietnam / Fighting / Casualties / Attacks

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(Studio) Operation Atlas Wedge conts. North of Saigon. Casualties reported.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(Near Saigon, South Vietnam) Tanks shown participating in operation.
REPORTER: Kenneth Gale Don Baker

(Studio) Rocket attack hits Da Nang. City supposedly immune to bombing in US-Hanoi agreement. Laird says attack inconsistent with agreement. Since President Nixon called for "appropriate response" to offensive, several South Vietnam cities shelled.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

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Program Time:00:04:40 am - 00:07:00 am. Duration: 02:20
Reporters:Baker, Don; Gale, Kenneth; Reynolds, Frank
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:4310