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NBC Evening News for
Friday, Nov 10, 1972

Headline: Vietnam / Peace Movement

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(Studio) North Vietnam indicate Vietnam peace negotiations can proceed. North Vietnam's Xuan Thuy says Le Duc Tho will return to Paris and will meet with Henry Kissinger. General Alexander Haig talks with South Vietnam President Thieu. Thieu demands withdrawal of North Vietnam from South Vietnam. Chinese Premier Chou En-lai supports international conference on Indochina. It will take weeks, however, for cease-fire to be signed. South Vietnam and US, in meantime, rush supplies into South Vietnam.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Bien Hoa AFB, South Vietnam) American war planes land in 1 of biggest aerial build-ups in South Vietnam since 1965. American civilian technicians from Oklahoma and Texas arrive with F-5 freedom fighter jets. Thieu demands F-4 phantom jet to have parity with North Vietnam's MiG-21's. F-5's loaned to South Vietnam by South Korea, Taiwan, and Iran.

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Program Time:05:30:40 pm - 05:34:00 pm. Duration: 03:20
Reporters:Chancellor, John; Jones, Bob
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:461313