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NBC Evening News for
Thursday, Dec 07, 1972

Headline: Mrs. Marcos / Assassination Attempt

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(Studio) Imelda Marcos, wife of President Ferdinand Marcos of Philippines, stabbed on hands and arms in assassination attempt by unknown assailant. Wounds require 75 stitches. Assailant shot to death by security police.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Manila, Philippines) Film shows assassination attempt and aftermath. [Press secretary Francisco TATAD - says Mrs. Marcos saved herself by warding off blows with hands.]
REPORTER: No reporter given (Manila station)

(Studio) President Marcos put Philippines under martial law in September saying Communist rebellion imminent. Not clear if today's attack isolated incident. President Nixon calls Marcos; offers to send personal physician if necessary.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

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Program Time:05:31:00 pm - 05:34:10 pm. Duration: 03:10
Reporters:Chancellor, John
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:462241