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ABC Evening News for
Monday, Oct 03, 1977

Headline: Supreme Court / Washington Homosexual Firing / Bakke / Other Cases

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(Studio) Supreme Court begins fall term.
REPORTER: Barbara Walters

(DC) Burger Court hasn't been as consistent in ruling for individuals in cases against state as was Earl Warren's. Court refuses to hear case in which known homosexual was fired from high school teaching post after it became known he is homosexual; case comes from Tacoma, WA. REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(Seattle, WA) James Gaylord taught at Wilson high school for 13 years before school officials learned he was homosexual, in 1972. No charges of misconduct were placed, but he was fired for violating school board rule against immorality. [GAYLORD - hoped to win, was prepared to lose. Offense wasn't in committing crime or in misconduct, but in status.] Gaylord says if he had it to do again, probably wouldn't have admitted to officials that he's gay.
REPORTER: Jim Mitchell

(DC) Court decisions with regard to Nixon tapes, school busing in Wilmington, DE, and Chicago police racial quota promotions noted. Court will also take up case with regard to whether women should pay more into pension funds, since they tend to live longer than men, and reverse discrimination case of Allan Bakke, who refused admission to University of California School of Med. By now, all those accepted when Bakke was rejected have graduated.
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

(Los Angeles, California) Doctors Pat and Toni Johnson Chavis are interns at Los Angeles Cnty.-USC Med. Center; backgrounds noted. [P. CHAVIS - cites how he was chosen for medical school; doesn't think he'd have had any chance to get in if not for task force program.] [T. CHAVIS - says Bakke case is pro-white, middle-class, Americanized goal. If this is positive, will have destructive and widespread effects.] Chavises and others in their situation say that if Bakke case upheld, it will mean white society ready to go back on racial gains commitments made earlier.
REPORTER: Tom Jarriel

(DC) Court to begin hearing Bakke case next week
REPORTER: Frank Reynolds

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Reporters:Jarriel, Tom; Mitchell, Jim; Reynolds, Frank; Walters, Barbara
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