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NBC Evening News for
Monday, Feb 12, 1973

Headline: Vietnam / POW's Released

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(Studio) 27 American POW's released by Viet Cong in South Vietnam in Loc Ninh. Release delayed because of misunderstanding involving Communist prisoners of war release.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Loc Ninh, South Vietnam) POW's held by Viet Cong very thin and pale. Appear to doubt release really happening.
REPORTER: Liz Trotta (US Air Force film)

(Clark AFB, Philippines) Major Raymond Schrump greets General Moore and Admiral Gayler as he gets off plane. sergeant Ken Wallingford, Specialist Richard Springman, sergeant Bobby Johnson, Major William Hardy, State Department official Doug. Ramsey, Ford salesman James Newington, Felix V. Necon-Quinoines and Captain David Baker arrive Clark AFB. 443 American POW's remain.
REPORTER: Jack Perkins

(Hawthorne, California) Carol Smith and family watch prisoners of war arrival at Clark Air Force Base on TV. Husband and father Mark Smith among those released.
REPORTER: Frank Bourgholtzer

(Studio) About 3000 Vietnam POW's exchanged between North Vietnam and South Vietnam. Vietnam POW's noticeably worse off than American POW's.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Bien Hoa AFB, South Vietnam) North Vietnam POW's look very bad. Many blind and crippled. South Vietnam POW's released from North Vietnam also look very bad.
REPORTER: John Chancellor (narrates)

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Program Time:05:43:10 pm - 05:51:20 pm. Duration: 08:10
Reporters:Bourgholtzer, Frank; Chancellor, John; Perkins, Jack; Trotta, Liz
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:468625