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NBC Evening News for
Wednesday, Feb 14, 1973

Headline: Vietnam / Prisoners of War Return

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(Studio) 20 American POW's return US. POW's at Clark Air Force Base go shopping and visit schools.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Clark AFB, Philippines) [Audio Difficulty 5:37:00-5:38.] Film shows POW's, include Captain Jeremiah Denton, visiting; school from which children sent POW's valentines and cards. POW's shop at base exchange.' [Captain Walter WILBUR - says shirts look far out to POW's. Styles different now. As POW's men noticed changing styles in clothes and hair.] [Captain Galand KRAMER - says clothes different now.] Lieutenant Commander Edward Davis takes puppy given to him by North Vietnam prison guard back to United States with him.
REPORTER: Liz Trotta

(Honolulu, Hawaii) [Captain Jeremiah DENTON - says its greatest Valentine's Day in lives of returning POW's.] [Lieutenant Commander Paul GALANTI - says has freedom at last.] Group of returning POW's stops over briefly in Hawaii on leg of journey from Philippines to Travis Air Force Base in California.
REPORTER: Frank Bourgholtzer

(Travis AFB, California) POW's expected to arrive Travis Air Force Base shortly. Some live in area and will be greeted by families. Rest will continue to other destinations.

(Studio) In Saigon United States charges Viet Cong with violating cease-fire agreement by delaying prisoners of war release Sunday
REPORTER: John Chancellor

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Program Time:05:35:30 pm - 05:43:30 pm. Duration: 08:00
Reporters:Bourgholtzer, Frank; Chancellor, John; Neal, Roy; Trotta, Liz
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:468651