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NBC Evening News for
Sunday, Aug 05, 1973

Headline: Tombstone, Arizona / Silver

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(Studio) Tombstone, Arizona, began with gold and silver mining. New interest in mining aroused.
REPORTER: Garrick Utley

(Tombstone, Arizona) Tombstone quite a town in its heyday. Tombstone begins mining silver again. [Mining foreman Charles ESCAPULE says he has confidence in mine.] Sierra Mineral Company backs Escapule and brother with money to resume mining. [Mine owner Ernest ESCAPULE, SR. - says everywhere they dig more veins of silver ore discovered.] [Project coordinator J. Allen SMITH - says price of silver now is fantastic.] [Editor Wayne WINTERS - says Tombstone has lived on history of dead men for many years Tombstone about to experience rebirth.] Tombstone too rich to die now.
REPORTER: Frank Bourgholtzer

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Program Time:05:54:20 pm - 05:57:50 pm. Duration: 03:30
Reporters:Bourgholtzer, Frank; Utley, Garrick
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:472394