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NBC Evening News for
Thursday, Sep 13, 1973

Headline: Chile / Military Coup

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(Studio) General Augusto Pinochet sworn in as new Chile president Curfew lifted for few hrs.; sporadic firing conts. in Chile after military coup and former President Salvador Allende's suicide. Unconfirmed sources report former Chilean army commander Carlos Pratz leads revolt against military junta. Allende's widow, Hortensia, recs. asylum in Mexican embassy; she and family to fly to Mexico City soon.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Rome, Italy) Several demonstrations around world protest Allende overthrow. Workers protest in Rome.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Paris, France) Socialist party leader and French Communist party chief partake in protest against Chilean military junta.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(Studio) Washington, DC admits reports received with regard to military coup in Chile for some time. Nothing definite learned till right before coup. No American involvement in coup rings from DC. NBC reporter Tom Streithorst reports source states United States Air Force activity incrd. at Mendoza Air Force Base on Chilean border right before coup.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

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Program Time:05:42:40 pm - 05:44:50 pm. Duration: 02:10
Reporters:Chancellor, John
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:472551