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NBC Evening News for
Friday, Mar 21, 1975

Headline: Special Report / Khmer Rouge

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(Studio) Special report on Khmer Rouge follows. No single leader seems to control group although former Cambodian leader, Prince Sihanouk, claims it's his army. American government claims it knows identity of some other Khmer Rouge leaders, but refuses to say.
REPORTER: Tom Brokaw

(Cambodia) Enemy in this war faceless. Surprisingly little known about insurgents; 1 reason is few POWs taken. Film of Prince Sihanouk's January `73 visit to Khmer Rouge provides rare glimpse of other side. Rebels tenacious and generally good soldiers; armed with Chinese weapons. 1/5 rebels have captured American-made M-16 rifles. Khmer Communists composed of several different groups. Rebels control 80% of cntryside., but it's difficult to get clear picture of life in those zones. Insurgents rptdly. replace troop losses by drafting younger and younger people. Ldrship. structure of Khmer Rouge discussed.
REPORTER: Jack Reynolds

(Phnom Penh, Cambodia) Rebels have already pronounced death sentence for 7 government leaders incling. Lon Nol and Prime Min. Long Boret.
REPORTER: Jack Reynolds

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Program Time:05:52:30 pm - 05:57:20 pm. Duration: 04:50
Reporters:Brokaw, Tom; Reynolds, Jack
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:481878