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NBC Evening News for
Tuesday, Jun 24, 1975

Headline: Eastern Jetliner Crashes / Kennedy Airport

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(Studio) More than 100 people reported dead following Eastern jetliner crash near NYC's Kennedy airport. Jet appeared to be on normal approach before plane either exploded or dove into ground; accts. differ. As plane hits ground, parts skid across highway filled with rush hour traffic.
REPORTER: John Chancellor

(NYC) As of now, 16 survivors in nearby hospitals. Wreckage of plane shown; traffic so heavy in area police airlifted rescue teams into crash area. [Local policeman Paul MORAN - describes crash; says lightning hit plane before crash.]
REPORTER: John Chancellor (narrates)

(Kennedy Airport) Site of plane crash scene of devastation; police, rescue people fill area; temporary morgue set up nearby. Eyewitness at scene say plane's approach seemed too low for landing.
REPORTER: Robert Hager

(Studio) Today's crash 1st since last January
REPORTER: John Chancellor

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Program Time:05:30:10 pm - 05:33:40 pm. Duration: 03:30
Reporters:Chancellor, John; Hager, Robert
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:483399