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NBC Evening News for
Sunday, Jun 08, 1975

Headline: Remling / Copter / Jail Break

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(Studio) Dale Remling back in prison following Friday's daring break from prison by copter.
REPORTER: Tom Snyder

(Jackson, Michigan) [REMLING - says he had idea for escape before movie "Break Out" had similar escape scene. Doesn't think he'll try escape again. Copter escape easier than climbing wall.]
REPORTER: No reporter given (WWJ-TV newsfilm)

(Studio) Dale Otto Remling back behind bars at any rate.
REPORTER: Tom Snyder

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Program Time:05:35:40 pm - 05:37:00 pm. Duration: 01:20
Reporters:Snyder, Tom
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Broadcast Type:Evening News Segment Type: News Content
Record Number:483616